Monday, June 14, 2010

A few items checked off

I had a long list of things I wanted to do this evening. Several remain undone. Nonetheless, I managed a few.

I did not ride the bike this evening.

I did not do a load or two of laundry.

I did not put up an Oremus post, though there are so many of our dear ones in need of prayer. Shoot an arrow prayer toward heaven and Godde will know who needs divine and human love.

I did fill the gas tank.

I did pick up some replacement plants and planted them this evening. I put in four new Vinca minor plants (creeping myrtle) over in the NW corner of the yard, hoping they spread and cover the ground there. I also tore out a number of plants that have died or as near as makes no never mind and replaced them with new zinnias, dwarf yellow marigolds, and pink flowering vinca. I tied a couple of rose stems to a trellis to help keep the bush growing upright. I watered everything thoroughly. By which time the sun had gone down and it was getting dark (8:40, to be exact).

I also picked up some items to further the garage organization project.

After all this I had a nice yak on the phone with my BFF who just returned from a short trip. Nice to catch up.

At lunch I worked on Italian vocabulary. First Italian class is tomorrow night (twice a week for seven weeks, a nice summer introduction).

Given the source of much of my knowledge of Italian, it is not surprising that about every fifth word in the vocabulary book suggested a snippet of opera to me. "Purchè"? Purché porti la gonnella, Voi sapete quel che fa, from Don Giovanni.

So, in retrospect, I am not going to worry about the items I did not accomplish today. Time now to read another chapter of il Vangelo secondo Marco and go to bed.

Dolci sogni, amici.

--the BB

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Jane R said...

Sounds lovely to me.

Next time you check these comments, do ask the folk to pray for our parishioner Tom, age about 80, who is having open heart surgery (bypass) tomorrow Wednesday here in Greensboro. He is a dear and we are understandably concerned. My own daddy had a triple bypass around age 85 and it went well, and he is alive and kicking at 91 and a half, but one never knows when the person is more than four score.

Love that beautiful rose. A peaceful night to you and your plants and flowers.