Sunday, August 15, 2010

Somaliland Elects New President ! - updated

This post brought some bitter denunciations. Except for one duplication, I have posted them. I do not blog from work so there was nothing I could do about it all day.

The protests assert that the original claim is not true, that All Voices is not a reputable source of information, that we should research before posting, and it was thus a very irresponsible post. There were comments on my character but that does not matter. What matters is that we not share falsehoods. Strong opinions are fine; falsehoods are not.

I want to thank Essi and Faisel A. for their constructive comments. They are appreciated. Yusuf wants me to hang myself and I am disinclined to follow his advice. The updated version of this post will be shared with my FB friends.

This evening I reviewed articles on Somaliland's new president and saw nothing even hinting that he might be gay. I have no access to demonstrative evidence in either direction but I accept the criticism that what I posted may well not be true and I have no interest in slandering the president nor causing him or the people of Somaliland problems. I was not trying to be sensational, merely sharing what I thought was good news. I have no interest in the personal lives of any heads of state.

So, let us turn toward the substantive issues:

The people and leaders of Somaliland are to be congratulated.

Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, the victor of recent elections in the breakaway republic of Somaliland, was sworn in as president on Tuesday, achieving a transfer of power between political rivals that is rare in Africa.

Only three states on the African mainland – Benin, Senegal and Zambia – have seen incumbent presidents stand down after being defeated in elections. Unrecognised internationally as a separate state, Somaliland has developed its own democratic traditions without outside pressure.

The circumstances of the handover, which saw Dahir Rayale Kahin bow out as president after being defeated in elections deemed by international observers to have been largely free and fair, are all the more remarkable for their contrast with neighbouring Somalia.

--Financial Times

AFP shares this:

Many voters and politicians have voiced hope that the smooth transfer of power would once again prove their democratic credentials and strengthen their territory's case for international recognition.

Some Western countries argue Somaliland deserves to become a fully-fledged country and thus gain access to more aid but the African Union is wary of setting a precedent they fear could spur secessions across the continent.

Challenges facing Somaliland are described in the VOA article on the successful democratic transition.

Somaliland Press describes the swearing in of the new cabinet.

All of this is a cause of rejoicing.

It would be nice if folks noticed that I concluded with a prayer for the peace and good leadership of the land. We wish its people well and that is the bottom line as this space is dedicated, in part, to international understanding and cooperation. The larger point is that democratic elections were successfully held and a fledgling nation that has yet to receive global recognition is making progress.

In this space, however, references to individuals as being gay or lesbian is not considered pejorative in any sense, nor insulting. So this was hardly meant to demean anyone. To quote the motto of the Order of the Garter: "honi soit qui mal y pense."

The Newly Elected President Of Somaliland ,Mr Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo has never shied away from, nor made an issue of, his sexual orientation. He has been with his partner for 27 years and they have three adopted children. The newly-elected president of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo, vowed Friday to campaign "vigorously" for international recognition of his breakaway republic in the Horn of Africa."During my tenure as president I will vigorously fight for the recognition of Somaliland. The world must recognise our democracy," he said and Mr Silanyo also said that he would maintain close links with Ethiopia and called on Somalia to sort out its problems. Mr Silanyo From 1946 to 1957, he attended the secondary schools in the towns of Sheekh and Amud in northwestern Somalia. He passed the advanced level GCE examinations in London, England, from 1958 to 1960. He then attended college at the University of Manchester, and earned an Honors Bachelor's Degree in Economics (1960-63). He completed his Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Manchester in 1966. Somaliland is a state located in the Horn of Africa. It is regarded internationally as being an autonomous region of Somalia Although no sovereign state has recognised the independence of Somaliland, Since 1991 it has been governed by a secessionist administration .The breakaway republic, which declared its independence on May 18, 1991,remains unrecognised by any state or international organisation.
[Note: I cannot attest for the truth of anything in this quoted paragraph.]
The Wikipedia article on Somaliland may be found here.

May his land be kept in peace, may he be safe and blessing blessed in providing good leadership.

h/t to Lindy and Jane pointing this out on Facebook

--the BB


yusuf said...

I have nothing to over you but my God engulf you filthy diseases, for such a coward and despicable low life scumbag have no room to write about Somaliland and it's leaders, a sick narrow minded moron person like you have no place in our decent society , let alone commenting about Somaliland. You have disguised your self, but if you have any brain left on you do come out there and challenge with us as like any other scholar that either likes or hates Somaliland or it's gifted straight heroes of Somaliland.

A hater and self centered failure in life do comes up such sickening un-healthy manner like this.

Go hung your self, you have no place in our society sick filthy bustard.

David said...

brother yusuf- i call you brother because you too are indeed created in the image and likeness of the true and living God- you make me so very, very sad- with your fearful, hate-fulled pronouncements.

Yusuf- i will pray for you and your frightened/hurting/hurtful heart- though you may neither desire or appreciate my prayers, the living God does and will.

now brother Yusuf, SHUT THE FUCK UP; the world doesn't need your fear or hate, and by attacking the elections in Somalia & our brother Paul, who I know to be a man of courageous truth and generous faith you do no honour to yourself or the unfailing love and patience of God.

David said...

'May his land be kept in peace, may he be safe and blessing in providing good leadership.'

Amen, brother Amen!

Essi said...

Always check, check, double check the sources... This allvoices site, that you're quoting is a fan that makes the sht fly around. And this is the reason why people should NEVER assume anything about the sexuality of others. I think you have so many valuable articles on your blog site, and this accident just makes it more obvious, that there are things that need a very discrete approach. On my behalf I'm very pleased about your interest in Somaliland, and ask you to get more correct information about the country, which separated from Somalia 20 years ago ( not yet recognized) and has islamic faith as a state religion. Maybe you like to inform your fb-friends about this false story, because it's embarrassing also to them to spread something untrue. I know from my own experience, that in some point in minority groups it's vital to know "who's with us". Anyhow the risk of awkward conclusions is high, so those thoughts are better when left unsaid.

Faisel A. said...

Man's greatest innovation and power is none other than communication. It is not the wheel or numerals. The art or science of communication differentiates us from the other beasts. Unfortunately, some of us use the very asset negatively worse still worthlessly but one could ask where all that is coming from? is it loosing hope from the 14 parachuted Regimes in Somalia or that you can't help but to watch the delibrate harrasement from Alshabab Zealots to the young lady who who goes to school to help her parents - are you so frustrated from the 21 years you lost by Myhem starting from Resore Hope Operations till the besiged regime of Mogadishu led by the forme ICU Chairman - Mr Sherif? If the answer is yes then you've have every right to be desperate and frustrated because after you're someone who is searching his Identity - was it the years of General Siad Barre or it was from Abullahi Yusuf - Both ways you never felt one day you're in the peak to make it worse you don't take a minute to ponder where all that setback leave Somalia? instead you are talking about one of the democratic nations not int he region but also across Africa - your'e talking about who (Somaliland) gave Africa another story but successful this time - you're talking about the people who solved their issues by their own -not with foreign intervention - not with regional conferences or by any financial means - You're talking about Mr Ahmed M Silanyo who before he became the President was one of the brave people who served this nation and that the history will remember him on his enduring service.

Maybe what am telling you is not in your interest or maybe its too thick for your skull to contain it - or maybe am addressing you as someone whos outside from the Somali Issues but really it gets under my pin when to see your comment and characterization of Somaliland New President.

I can not define wheather if you're a somali guy who is living a sad moments whenevr he watches the news and turn on the Cable TV not to see but a new sucide bombs in one of the University or the uprising of the Piracy in the Gulf of Aden - so thats the first person am assuming you acting.
Second if you're an interested person in Somali Issues who loves the peace and the democracy and who call everyone to learn something from Somaliland as a nation and as a people - but Mr David and so many like you seem to remain undeterred to twist historical facts,obfuscate the real picture of Somaliland and unleash personal attacks against anybody who attempts to refute your stories.

What You should know is readers are only interested in facts - and the those facts maybe will dissapoint you but it's something you have to live with it.