Saturday, September 04, 2010

Working my way back into writing

T's wife, Lady L., had not seen her husband for weeks. [H]er father-in-law, spoke words of encouragement but his pale gray eyes were so like his son's that L. only thought about T. all the more.
Hardly great prose but my heart really goes out to L. She married someone whose ambition turns him into a somewhat nasty piece of work. Worse, he might have been a decent enough guy if his sister's ambition were not the true driving force (think of a Lady Macbeth only a sister instead of a wife). L. bears the brunt of it as her husband rides of to ostensible glory and actual disaster. She cannot even turn to her own side of the family. Her father has just been killed, her sister is hostage to the family of another claimant to the throne, and her brother fights on behalf of yet another claimant.

Even I do not know for certain what will become of her.

Then again, I finally have picked up the threads of the tale (and it was one tangled skein, let me tell you).

--the BB


Fran said...

Wow... I pray for your writing all the time as I pray for you. I will never forget how I felt when you read from your own work to me - and I long to hold a printed copy in my hands one day.

Paul said...

Thank you, Fran. That is very sweet of you. I look forward to the day you can hold a printed copy too.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

A tangled web, indeed ;-)