Saturday, September 04, 2010

Rest in peace, Paul Conrad

How I enjoyed his political cartoons over the decades.

How little has changed since he drew the one above in 1999.

Rest in peace and rise in glory. And give my regards to Molly Ivins!

h/t to Digby

--the BB


susankay said...

Well, here is someone who has died. Whom I also admired. And, if I knew his family, I suspect I would feel more comfortable "talking" to them (or to him as he was dieing) via e-mail or blog post than I would have via telephone.

What is going on here? My friend Peggy, who is probably dieing of stage 4 lung cancer, was in church today. I had no difficulty talking to her. But I have a real sense of difficulty with the idea of talking to her by phone. (she completely eschews the internet).

What is going on here with me? Is anyone else experiencing this (probably) unhealthy dependence on distance? of the internet?

Thanks. (and continue to pray for Peggy)

Paul said...

Prayers for Peggy and all who love her.

I think our experience of personal space and connection has shifted considerably in the last decade or so. I am most comfortable with e-mail, or comments like this. I hate the phone. Face to face is very rare. Youngsters connect a zillion times a day via texting, which I abhor.