Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Research Council a hate group?

You betcha.

Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center declared them to be such and they took umbrage. Must have hurt their little feelings to think all they do for Jay-zuz could ever be characterized as hate speech. As one link at TMC says: "FRC's Tony Perkins Rips SPLC ... For 'Slanderous Attack And Attempted Character Assassination'."

Clutch the pearls, Tony. (And I would not be surprised if Mr. Perkins has some pearls to clutch.)

John Aravosis has a lengthy list of comments from them over the years that pretty well demonstrates what I consider hate speech against gays. If all you knew of homosexual persons came from the FRC you'd assume we all hate children (when we're not molesting them), family, and Jesus and are bent on destroying society. You would be convinced, despite all logic, that equal rights are "special rights."

Of course, if gays disappeared from the planet tomorrow FRC would go broke, losing the bogeyman they use to raise money. They need us like lung cancer needs a lung.

If you're one of the folks being talked about by the Family Research Council, you know hate when you hear it. Mr. Perkins can shove his indignation and his pearls somewhere quivering with guilty desire. And yes, that's hate speech. I am not about to play nice with those vile people.

--the BB


it's margaret said...

Oh honey --if that's the best you can do for hate speech.... well --God bless you!

Hopefully --they will one day soon put ACNA and GAFCON etc on their hate list too.

Paul said...

Oh, I can do a lot better than that, as you know. And my feelings toward groups like this are very strong.

David said...

'Mr. Perkins can shove his indignation and his pearls somewhere quivering with guilty desire'

Thing is, Mr. Perkins would probably enjoy your suggestion, and then he'd have a real problem, wouldn't he?

love you Paul


Paul said...

I suspect a majority of those aware of his existence and not his avid followers have long assumed this to be true, David.

TheCunningRunt said...

There's not a lot on God's Gray Earth which fries me quite as thoroughly as listening to these hate-mongers claim My Hero Jesus of Nazareth as their inspiration and guide. Somehow I think he'd take exception with their bigotry.

Perhaps he'd even smite them, which would sadden me only a teeny-weeny bit, me being a pacifist and all.