Friday, December 24, 2010

Buon Natale!

From Desert Farne go wishes to old friends and new, to all visitors here: May peace and joy and hope touch your hearts this season of the Incarnation.

I have not been posting much. My life updates and rantlets have mostly been on Facebook (that evil device which serves those with little time and helps waste what time we have). I'll be offline later today and tomorrow, for the most part.

Yes, the teddy bear angel on top of the tree appears a bit tipsy this year. I told him to stay out of the egg nog, but who am I to give orders to angels?

Now off to do some baking.

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Buon Natale, caro Paul.

it's margaret said...

Feliz Navidad dearest Paul.

And, yes, of course you should give orders to angels.... you are hid in Christ who sits at the right hand of the Creator!!! Don't let that tipsy teddy get too off center!

Love to you!

wv: corapp
What the tipsy teddy said.

TheCunningRunt said...

Merry Christmas, Paul. I'm sure you're "fully involved" with the complex expectations of the season, but do take time to relax and wrap yourself in the Blessings which surround you (and me. I'm blessed beyond he telling of it, despite the tribulations which come with living.)

See you when things get back to the normal side of hectic. ;)

Paul said...

Thanks, Ralph. Mercifully, I have almost nothing to do with seasonal expectations. My once a month sermon was the Sunday before Christmas. Bill and I just sat in the pews Christmas Eve and I played hooky today (Sunday) and went to the gym instead. I did a lot of last=minute baking but did not have lots of shopping to do, am hosting no parties, and just helped Bill with Christmas dinner. I always enjoy the Twelve Days of Christmas when the rest of the world has moved on and I can savor.

Best to you and all you love!