Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heart thread - 12/21/2010

A request from David:
Beloved Giants of prayer & practice
It turns out my cherished cousin Frank is not to see Christmas at home.
They discovered a serious growth on one of his lungs, and he's been hospitalized, with the doctors unable to give any idea [how] long the treatments will take- especially with holiday scheduling.
They're going to be removing the mass and giving him treatment. The news comes via my Mam who received the call who was quite shaked by this news of her Godson, so she doesn't remember all that Frank shared with her, but she reports that his morale was good- as always- but he specificially asked that I share this news with you, the Giants and ask for your prayers for himself and for Carol.


love-always-always Love



susan s. said...

Prayers for Frank and for you and your Mam.

Ellie Finlay said...

Hi, Paul. I just stopped by to say "hi" and Merry Christmas. I know I haven't been over here for a while. Keeping up with my own blogs has been quite an enterprise and ever since losing my diocesan job I've been under more stress trying to take on enough work to make ends meet. So, anyway, I haven't spent as much time visiting the blogs I really like as much as I used to. I'll try to change that a little bit in the coming year.

All blessings and love to you,