Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heart thread - 02/23/2012

From David in Montreal:

beloved Giants
grounds for gratitude: my dear Mam who will be 90 this November woke from a nap to incapacitating pain in her back, yesterday after getting back from Church.unable to get out of her chair, there was a phone within reach and she called one of my sisters who lives out in the burbs near her and who has a car.
taken to the hospital, turns out she has a fractured spine, has been given medication for the pain and is staying with one of my four sisters overnight.
at her age it could have been a lot worse, so i am profoundly grateful.

i will be going out tomorrow to spend the day with Mam and get a better idea of what we need to do to support her during her convalesence.
in the meantime, I would also beg your prayers for the people of Syria and most particularly for the people of Homs who are being bombarded mercilessly by the tyrant, 24/7
a Muslim friend asks that you ask not only that the people of Syria be delivered, but that the extreme violence which has been inflicted on the people of Syria become a teaching moment for the Islamic leadership.

thank-you my beloved Giants
love always-always Love
The Prayer List is back at Of Course I Could Be Wrong. (Hooray!)

A huge THANK YOU to all who have loved, prayed, and meditated as I battle with cellulitis. I saw the doc this morning. Off antibiotics, finally. Blood tests have returned to normal. Compression and elevation. At the first sign of fever, chills, sweats I resume pills and call the office. Otherwise, back to daily life.

On the work front: A new company won the contract for the work we do. They seem like good people to work for and they hope to retain us. We had interviews today. The remaining question is how many of us they can afford within their bid. We should all hear within the next two days. Thanks for those holding me and my colleagues in prayer. If I can stay on I shall be a very happy bear.

My friends have so many needs and bear so many woes of others, I just offer a general prayer that all may find the grace they need.

--the BB


Fran said...

Prayers for one and all!

Paul said...

Thanks, Fran. Love ya!

it's margaret said...

I am so glad you leg is better --AND, please keep us posted as to your job.

Love you, dude!

TheCunningRunt said...

Great news, Paul, on the work and leg fronts, and prayers ascending for David's Mam.