Monday, February 27, 2012

A good weekend

There was tension as we all awaited news on the employment front. My colleagues from out of state have not been offered continuing employment. I have accepted the offer of the new contracting company and am very relieved. It is sad to see our numbers reduced.

Got a massage on Friday night, attended the Bernalillo County Democratic Party pre-primary convention Saturday morning then rushed home to cook. Lovely dinner party. The recipes were all re-runs of prior dinners so no photos but we all had a lovely time. Sunday I watered the yard, did several loads of laundry, had a date, and watched the second half of the Oscars. This morning there was a job offer in my e-mail. So this Monday went by swiftly, counterbalancing last Friday which seemed an eternity.

My leg looks good. No new complications. Now I need to haul my ass off to the gym.

Thanks for all the prayers, folks.

--the BB


susankay said...

So glad about all the good news

it's margaret said...

whoooohoooo! The man works!!!! Congratulations dear friend!

Paul said...

Thanks. Uninterrupted, too. Worked for company A yesterday and company B today. My badge didn't get me into the building this morning but they should resolve that soon. New boss speaks French and Italian, cooks Italian too.

it's margaret said...

ooooo --a boss that cooks! --nothing better.