Saturday, April 07, 2012


Not the harrowing of Hell, though today we commemorate it, but a harrowing experience for my two best friends, Bill and Kathy. They had been led to believe, by me, that my errands were at an end yesterday and today I would be cleaning and cooking.

I, however, wanted to do more in the yard and so I got up and headed to Home Depot for the umpteenth trunkful of cedar mulch, some more mushroom compost, and a serendipitously located honeysuckle. Oh, and fifteen pavers to make it safer to negotiate the side of the house in wet weather. (Last weeks snow and rain taught me what a messy mud puddle forms.)

While I was away Bill called my house to touch base on tomorrow's dinner. He left a message. Meanwhile, I had not turned my mobile phone from vibrate to ring and when I got home I did not check for messages and put the cell on the dining room table while I went to work in the yard. I had no idea I had missed calls and voice mail on it.

After a while in the yard I headed back across town to Costco (right next door to Home Depot but the car was loaded on the first trip). I wanted more solar garden lights for the newly refluffed garden and some bottled water before the party, plus my usual stash of Diet Pepsi and oatmeal scones.

When I got home this time I checked for phone messages and there were two: Bill's initial call and one from Kathy. I turned on my cell to call and saw a text message from Kathy and missed calls and voice mail. I texted that I was home and she immediately called to say Bill was worried about me and on his way to my house, as was she. I called and Bill turned back home.

Alas, he was expecting to find a corpse at my house. It will take a while for his adrenalin to return to normal. I was fine all this time. I have even remembered to stay hydrated today, though I just now came inside because I could feel myself overheating, even in this lovely overcast day, perfect for gardening.

The cell is back on RING for now.

I am so sorry my friends were led to surmise the worst, though we are all fine, blessedly.

Death and resurrection, sort of, on Holy and Great Saturday.

May you all have a blessed Easter.

--the BB


susan s. said...

See, Paul, when you live alone and get to a certain age, folks will worry when you don't answer. Aren't you glad you have friends like that?
Love you. Vigiling tonight, Eastering tomorrow, recovering in the afternoon and evening. Not cooking anything.

Paul said...

Yes, Susan, it is wonderful to have friends like that? (And irritating to be old enough for them to worry like that. LOL)

it's margaret said...

It is good to have friends like that --and it is good to be getting old 'enough' --seriously! Much love to you Paul.