Sunday, April 27, 2008

Je suis arrivé en Louisianne

Eh bien, mes amis, me voici.

The trip was uneventful, which is rather how I like my air travel. I got through about 71 pages of an ancient beginning Russian paperback that I bought back when such things cost $1.95. I even rubber stamped my address on it and it is my long-deceased parent's address in Fresno.

I also did a fair amount of napping on the two flights.

Kathy arrived early this morning and helped me with the very tail end of the packing before giving me a ride to the airport. Bless her!

There was some turbulence as we came into New Orleans. It is raining here and every pore of my body knows I am not in the high desert any more.

Someone helpfully postulated that just as one is enervated when becoming acclimatized to high altitude, so I should now be full of energy at sea level. Well, that would be nice.

The only glitch, beyond one wrong turn and driving past the hotel and taking forever to get back to it (one-way streets being what they are), is that upon unpacking I have my computer, my wireless keyboard (a boon for large hands that trip over laptop keyboard) and my ethernet cable if required - but I cannot find anywhere in my luggage my wireless mouse or, more importantly, my power cord. So, to conserve battery, I am going to log out now, wishing y'all sweet dreams, bourbon-laced as appropriate. [If the power cord is truly missing or left at home - and I know it was right there among things to pack unless it fell under the bed at some point - I am sure there is an Apple store somewhere in this great city.

I'm also in the mood to fast from the internet for one night and get some rest.

Hugs and giggles to all (except those who are embarrassed by either).
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Welcome to Louisiana! We will never be the same.

FranIAm said...

Glad you made it - rest and find power! Well power cords and mice that is!!!

Kirstin said...

Glad you're safe, glad you're there--and sorry about your power cord! There actually isn't an Apple store in NOLA; I just Googled. There are places that service them, though. Hope you get set up soon!

Thanks for the stealth hugs. I'll call you after my appt. tomorrow, or blog, or both. Lots of love.

Paul said...

Merci, Grandmère, vouse êtes très aimable, bien sur. Pourtant, je n'ose pas changer rien.

Diane said...

say hello to Mimi for me!