Saturday, May 03, 2008

A word from the Global Center

The conclusion of the response of the Bishops of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil to the St Andrew's Draft and the whole covenant flap:

Communion is never created and developed by the letter. The true communion is nurtured by the Spirit. The true communion is life. The paschal mystery that we live in this liturgical season is an unmistakable demonstration of what we need to re-affirm. Faith in the Risen Christ does not presuppose text, but rather an open heart and a humble faith. It was the event of the Resurrection and the affective perception of it that generated a Community, a Communion. Thus, inspired by this liturgical season and aware of the richness of our Communion, we manifest the conviction that the Covenant is not an essential element to maintain or strengthen our Communion; on the contrary, it risks defacing it. Our history and the instruments we have are already sufficient to build unity from the richness of our diversity, in a continuous process of listening and mutual respect.

Curitiba, 04 April 2008.

Read the rest at OCICBW
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, one of these days, I'm going to post the Brasilian bishops' letter, or at least quotes from it, and now I'll have your loge to use.

I called you a while ago, but I got your message service. I'm beginning to think that you mean to stand me up.

Paul said...

Friends, I just hung up from chatting with Mimi, lest you think I am standing this lovely lady up. I was not raised to ill treat grandmothers. So we are planning to meet tomorrow, with Grandpère chaperoning. It is to be hoped that neither of us will forget our cameras.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Well, Paul, I'm glad you cleared that up. Dinner tomorrow it is. I meant "logo" in my earlier post, not "loge" which would be showing off my bad French, which I never do.

ginny s. said...

Hoorah! Nothing beats face-to-face chats. Have a lovely, blessed Sunday. By the way, New Orleans wouldn't be anything without a little rain in the spring :)

Paul said...

I am so looking forward to my own meet-up with GM and GP!

Ginny S., indeed, if I did not encounter rain and humidity I should worry that I had landed in the wrong city. Now, if we could balance a bit with Albuquerque - bit more wet there and a bit more dry here.... I did just come from shopping at Rouse's on Veterans - lovely. Exactly what I needed to find. A thriving chain (which allows for greater variety and quality) of a local enterprise. So glad not to be condemned to Wal-Mart. May your children, if you have any, rise up and call you blessed.

Malcolm+ said...

Have added the "Curitiba Statement Compliant" graphic at simplemassingpriest.