Saturday, May 03, 2008

I'm back! - Important update

Fran introduced me to Our Lady of Prompt Succor, a very special patroness of New Orleans, so I will begin by giving thanks to all who have prayed for me and for the restoration of my internet link and thanks to Our Lady of Prompt Succor.

Thanks also to St Isidore of Seville, patron of the internet. I don't know how I forgot that this was his realm since he is one of my medieval faves - inventor of the encyclopedia, if you will. This photo comes through the Diocese of Southeast Florida, which is why their web site is one Izzy's screen.

And though she is not patroness of the internet, since I invoked St Catherine of Siena, a shout out to her, because I am sure her prayers were involved too.

The problem? The ISP was given the wrong serial number for my modem so when the account was "provisioned" it wasn't coming through here. Mike from Cox Communications paid me a visit this morning and we got it straightened out. Nothing techie whatsoever, just a setup glitch (which was more my impression all along).

We have not been working overtime this week and this means I had lots of free evenings to be online and could do nothing about it. I doubt that I will have much free time after this weekend. Murphy's law and its children and second cousins all seem to be at work.

I have not melted in the rain we are having this weekend (lovely thunder this morning) because I am not that sweet. I don't find myself slathering lotion on my hands and forearms the way I have to do in New Mexico.

Susankay is in ABQ right now and the state is very dry and they are still battling wildfires near Torreon and Tejique, so prayers for getting those under control and all who are threatened by them.

I will write more shortly. Right now I have to catch up on my blog reading and see what's going on with y'all!

[Imagine wide, gleeful grin.]

I should mention, however, that though the internet is working just fine and I can receive mail, I am having major trouble with outgoing mail. I cannot seem to send anything. So I am relying on posting here or commenting in your threads to communicate at the moment.
--the BB


Jane R said...

Woo hoo!

(Officially not blogging but checking up on you.)

Paul said...

Thanks, Sweetie.

I have an idea I may be online all day today catching up. Except for a grocery shopping excursion, made possible by online friends.

FranIAm said...

So glad you are back!!!!

And glad that OLPS was helpful.

A story - of course - once I was in Nola, Jan 92 to be specific.

I wanted to see her, so during a break from the idiocy of the convention booth I was running, I made an appointment.

I hopped in a cab, went to the school, where I was met by an older nun, Sister Jessica, a lovely Nola lady.

She ran me to the shrine, showed me around, we prayed and then she called me a cab so I could get back to the convention center with... of course, prompt succor!

Isidore of Sevilla - que bueno! And Catherine of Siena, OP. She is one of my heroines.

Many hugs and big prayers!

DianeNM said...

Checking in from Toronto where I am still enjoying my sweet darling granddaughter, even when she is screaming at the top of her 19 month old lungs! Rain here too, sweetie. Wish we could export some of it to New Mexico. Enjoy your catch up day!

Paul said...

So nice to hear from friends again in close to real time!

Diane, I am glad you are getting granddaughter time.

Fran, when we run out of stories we can close up shop.

Kirstin said...

Glad to see you! Lots of love.

You might set up a temporary Gmail account or something--if it's a glitch.

FranIAm said...

I was about to say what Kirstin did. I had a .mac account forever and still do. That said, one day it just stopped sending. A little troubleshooting got it back but then it stopped again.

Finally I just forwarded my .mac mail to a gmail account and that is how I live with that.