Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home again

Flying in to Albuquerque Friday evening, looking down on the lights and the Rio Grande.

The last trip home we had a breathtaking sunset of endless shades of lavender and peach among all manner of misty clouds and atmosphere. I thus sat at a window seat with my camera in hand this flight. Not as spectacular but I was still rewarded with something ABQ is known for - a great desert sunset.

Two blocks from my house this morning: a balloon having touched down. I grabbed this quick shot before hanging a left and going my way.

I pulled over on Alameda near the Balloon Fiesta Park to take a distance shot. Those little bumps in the far distance are (currently) dormant volcanoes. They mark the west as the Sandias mark the east.

This is Corrales Road, the road to my best friend's house.

And this is the gate to the front garden of my best friend's house.

And this is my best friend Bill, having risen from weeding among the strawberries.

Which are very happy. And tasty (based on a sample of one).

The onion family is well represented.

And corn for later this summer!

Here you have typical New Mexico adobe home architecture across the street from our mission's new location.
Speaking of which, lo and behold! Here is where I will be preaching tomorrow morning. My dear friend Diane gave me the idea for the sermon, so h/t to her.

The coyotes announce my arrival back in town.

This is a close-up of cottonwood leaves. Los alamos are part of the poplar family and the leaves flutter much like quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides). Oh dear, when I do something like this from memory I worry that taxonomic terminology has evolved since I learned it but I will stick with this and resist the temptation to google it immediately.

And here is a shot from early in my midday walk (more of that later) showing the Sandias Mountains which are, in my opinion, the soul of Albuquerque (along with the Rio Grande flowing through it).

So a further reflection is that as a western boy who always could see mountains in the distance (well, always on clear days), I really do need to live near mountains. Western style mountains, not low hills. But then, I grew up spending my summers in the Sierra Nevada, so it's little wonder that mountains are, for me, like roots, anchoring me to the land.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Aaahhhhhh.... heaven.

Thank you. All I can say is thank you.

Jane R said...

Beautiful. Love the sky, the mountains, the adobe.