Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We note with sadness...

... the passing of Rosemary Makhulu, the wife of the Most Rev. Walter Makhulu. She was laid to rest from All Saints Church in Fullham, as reported by Jim Naughton at the Lead today.

I received a very gracious letter from Archbishop Makhulu immediately following the last Lambeth Conference. He was a bright light amid the fulminations and silliness during that go-around.

May he and she both rest in peace and rise with Christ in glory.

My coworker Jay's nephew Alfred was slain and I ask your prayers also for Alfred and the family.

Sandi's husband Louis (finally spelled correctly) is healing though he struggles with pain and the reality of losing sight in one eye. Their son arrived yesterday and I hope this helps them all.

Let's keep Kirstin in our prayers and my sister's niece Jan and Being Peace and all the rest.

For Central Africa, its nations, its peoples, its Church.

For the Lambeth Conference that the Holy Spirit may move graciously and powerfully, bringing us surprises laden with life and healing.

May we hold this world closely and tenderly in our hearts that we may be transformed into agents of peace and healing.
--the BB


Lindy said...

Thank you, Paul, for these reminders and a lovely post.

susankay said...

prayers indeed.

Diane said...

yes, a lovely post, reminders to pray.

Kirstin said...

Thank you.

FranIAm said...

Many prayers filled with love for one and all!

And that means you too Paul, for being such a vigilant light for the rest of us.

Paul said...

Thanks for the loving prayers. You all help sustain me as we hold each other in our hearts.