Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Technical schmechnical

So then, why on earth would I fearfully assume that with a new camera and a connecting cord I also needed the proprietary software that comes with it just to download pics from the camera? Silly me.

Hook that sucker up and see what happens. And it works. So here are a few. I am omitting pics from last night's party to protect the few innocent and the many guilty.

I'm lovin' the French "welcome to Louisiana" Bacardi sign. How Cajun, how local, how delightful. Captured in a corner store as my carpool partner picked up a couple pieces of fried chicken for dinner.

When I got home this evening the girls appeared rather tuckered out. I try not to question them too closely about their adventures but I suspect they have seen more of greater New Orleans than I have. Given that I arrived home rather tired myself, we have declared a weary truce on sharing our days and all look forward to snuggling up for a good night's sleep.

Here are a few more downtown shots. Gotta love the iron work here. As you can see, old buildings being restored and renovated after Katrina.
I like this photo for its rhythms and colors.

And here is a row of stanchions protecting pedestrians from toppling off this raised sidewalk into the street. Granted, I have not seen those "go cups" with serious alcoholic beverages on Gravier Street but you never know. It is only two blocks from the Quarter, after all and this may be more practical than it appears. In any case, it is delightfully decorative.

Two nights from now I will be back in Albuquerque. Yay! I think a green chile cheeseburger might be in order. Or a breakfast burrito with green chile. Something with green chile. I will be preaching this Sunday at San Gabriel Episcopal Mission in Corrales and then having brunch with two very dear friends, we hope out under the cottonwoods. I hope I sneak in some dolce far niente.

And that's tonight's report.
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Could the stanchions be to keep cars from going onto the sidewalk? Truly, I have never heard of that kind of barricade to keep tipsy pedestrians from falling into the street. I'm falling out of my chair laughing as I type this, and I have not been drinking. What building is this?

So you be partyin'. I knew you'd get around to that. It took you long enough.

Paul said...

Mimi, I am so glad I could provide some humor for you this evening. We all need huge doses of the same these days.

Yes, a more practical purpose would be keeping cars off the sidewalk, though these occur where there is a rise in the sidewalk, a little up the hill and down again effect. It is on the Gravier side of the Whitney Bank block (still going over the same turf).

Well, if eating overcooked vegetables with pixilated coworkers constitutes partying, then I suppose I am guilty. That exhausts the emotional party fund for this business gig. The fact is, I really enjoy living like a hermit. I am also very responsible about alcohol and driving. I did not even have a glass of wine with dinner, just iced tea (and not the Long Island variety either). Granted, I had three fingers of rum upon arriving back at the apartment tonight, but I'm not going anywhere.