Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A political fundraiser in San Diego

I saw a "Veterans for McCain" sign while driving through Corrales, NM, last weekend. While Corrales is definitely Republican turf, I still just don't get it. Dems are much better at supporting vets than Goopers. We're not the ones who wanted to cut combat pay, slashed budgets for vets, opposed better body armor, and sent troops in without adequate uparmored vehicles and sufficient bullets. Dems are the ones who pushed for the new GI Bill. McCain postures as a vet (and don't forget, a POW) but veterans give him a very low score for his alleged support.

Nice to see VoteVets speaking up:

--the BB


susankay said...

Paul -- absolutely spot on re veterans' programs and support. Sorry to hear that Corrales has gone Republican. Sure wasn't when I lived there. Of course a bunch of people vote for Steve Komadina (R) for state senate. Hard to hate a local OB/GYN who flies a stork balloon and has a raft of llamas and camels and hosts the sheep dog trials. But when we were there, between the aging hippies and the Hispanics, we kept it pretty well Democratic.


PS -- we are in Albuquerque until December and would be pleased to get together.

Paul said...

Susankay, the aging hippies of Corrales have more money now and somewhere along the line got fearful, so they are easy pickings. And you have the free-market fundamentalists. There are also some very nice, very active Dems in Corrales but they don't have the yard signs out (and Obama HQ doesn't have any to either give or sell to them).

If I get to ABQ before December (for more than the quick weekend) it would be great fun to see you again.