Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Put down your smelling salts, asshats.

About the whole Ayers thing:

"I don't remember ever hearing anyone raise concerns or questions or concerns about [Ayers'] background," says Anne Hallett, who has worked closely with Ayers on the Annenberg Challenge grant and with Obama on education and other community and legislative matters. "And that included everybody I was engaged with," including prominent Republicans, and corporate and civic leaders in Chicago, Hallett adds.
Oh, really?! So not only was Obama working on a Republican funded initiative, but prominent Republicans were involved on the board with Ayers. Do they all hate America so much that they are "palling" around with terrorist? He had been in their midst for years, why did not the republican's run him out of town.

It's the usual faux scandal with hypocrites going "Oh my, " and "Tsk," and reaching for the salts.

See JustForTheRecord's post on this here.
--the BB

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Lindy said...

Make that "Oh my," and "Tsk, tsk" and "gosh dern it..."

You've just got to wonder: Do they really talk like that in Alaska?