Sunday, December 14, 2008


On the subject of my being scatter-brained:

Another thing that happened today is that I hit my head on a low doorway. Hard.

When I am walking and looking ahead this never happens. I have good peripheral vision. But if I am looking down, or in this instance sideways, I am susceptible to forceful encounters with immovable objects.

I have a tender spot on my crown this evening. It is quite possible more stuffing fell out.
--the BB


David said...

I hope the bump on the head is only a distant memory now- no lasting effects.

Sensing we share a love of transcendent beauty, you came to mind yesterday when hearing one of Canada's leading voices performing on the radio.

Isabel Bayrakdarian, performing from her newest release 'Gomidas Songs' (Armenian folk songs). However it was the memory of one of her earlier albums which brought you to mind 'Joyous Light' is Isobel, choir and orchestra performing the liturgical music of the Armenian Orthodox Church, and 'transcendant' just might cover it.

Incredibly, not only does Isabel have an incredible voice, but she has a truly beautiful spirit and mind.

Enjoy Paul


Paul said...

Merci, David, or as one says in Armenian: shnorahagal em. I will check her out. I like Armenian music (and used to listen to the Armenian-American Hour on Sunday mornings in Fresno when I was young.

Paul said...

I just saw at Wikipedia that she sang on the sound track of Egoyan's film Ararat. So I have heard her. Lovely. Very good film.

David said...

you might still want to try and get your hands on the two albums i cited.
'Joyous Light' really is transcendent, and when I heard Mme. Bayrakdarian live on radio this week, one of the two lullaby's she sang literally moved me to tears.Unfortunately it is the other lullaby which is apparently on the 'Gomidas Songs' cd
i'd had no real exposure to Armenian music before my most recent disastrous attempt at a relationship (material for a short story one day perhaps).

since then I've fleetingly met Mme. Bayrakdarian with Aton Agoyan the film maker (both Canadians!), and she is truly gracious in every sense of the word.

the Gomidas Song cd will be my Christmas present to myself.


Paul said...

How awesome, David, that you have met her and Egoyan. I grew up among Armenian-Americans, survivors and the children and grandchildren of survivors of the genocide. It is a subject dear to and deep in my heart. I was raised on lots of Armenian food too, and feel like an honorary hye.

I will keep an eye out for the albums, though I shop for music very rarely (living mostly in silence at home). She is incredible.