Monday, December 15, 2008

Un tout petit peu de neige

Now, you who have real weather, please refrain from snickering at what is called snow in Albuquerque. Other parts of New Mexico have enough snow for serious skiing. If that happened here I would not have moved hither. I am a weather wimp and make no bones about it.

I enjoy the dusting of powdered sugar version of snow. It suits me fine. And even with that today, it was a long, slow, somewhat tense commute home this evening. I like driving fast on roads built for fast driving, with no car nearby. I don't think I got much over 40 at the fastest and most of this evening was driven between 15 and 35, hovering around 25 for the most part).

The last stretch was on road that had not recently had a car on it, so I was out in the middle of nowhere. That was all right but someone came up behind me and was just a bit too close for my comfort. I kept thinking, "Back off, asshole." When I came to the one stop sign out in The Middle of Nowhere, I slid just a bit while braking. Not much, just a teensy bit. Enough to remind me that this is not driving on a dry surface. I did not like thinking the person behind me might slide in my direction. Anyway, I made it home safely.

Here is the first photo I took today, before lunch. This is basically the view behind me, though with more scope since I stepped out on the balcony to take it.

The next shot is out the mezzanine window after I finished eating lunch.

This was taken as I was leaving work.

Walking down the street toward the parking lot.

And here is Rafa as I found him in the lot. He had more snow than this two years ago on the Tuesday before Christmas. That was the first time he had ever been snowed on and I had to clear him off with my arm. I promptly bought a combination snow brush/ice scraper that has been useful on several occasions since then, tonight being one of them.

Not a whole lot to report on my day, but those are the visuals.
--the BB


Malcolm+ said...

No snow here - too damned cold (-40 something with the wind chill).

But it's a dry cold.

David said...

weather is weather- and as Elizabeth+ would probably remind us, weather, like Scripture is contextual. so for a self-confessed weather wimp your flurries might be a lot bigger thing than the 15+ centimetres they're forcasting here overnight, with another 5 - 10 tomorrow

the important- the only question is, did you enjoy your short-lived 'winter wonderland?'

if not THEN you've got a real problem!



susankay said...

Paul, my dear -- sometimes Albuquerque (although I can really only testify about Corrales) gets a GREAT DEAL of snow. Once that I remember in October when leaves were still on the trees and branches and power lines broke everywhere.

Up here in Mancos, CO we have about 1 1/2 feet of the white stuff with up to 2 more feet to come. We are stocked with food and water (the latter in case power goes out and we have no way to pump water from our cistern)

Be well.

Paul said...

Malcolm, I loved the "but it's a dry cold" comment.

David, I adore the winter wonderland sights and am glad to see almost all of it melted by this evening.

Susankay, you know I am not made of the fiber it takes for Colorado winters, or any others like them or worse.

Happily being a wimp,
the Bear
(And I really should be hibernating right now)