Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm all for popularizing this

Juan Cole has this for us at Informed Comment:
Ghoul's Glossary: Shoewhack
Shoewhack (v.) To assault someone with footwear in such a way as to humiliate that individual, especially at a moment of supposed triumph or obvious hypocrisy. A shoewhacking generally involves an element of surprise. It is especially appropriate for individuals guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors who have for reasons of wealth and power nevertheless escaped any other punishment for their iniquity.
--the BB


MadPriest said...

Our prime minister is not allowed to keep gifts received on foreign jaunts (something to do with bribery and corruption). Are the rules the same in the US? Will George be allowed to keep his new shoes?

Paul said...

Wouldn't they make a lovely complement to Saddam Hussein's pistol that W likes to show off?