Sunday, January 04, 2009

The heart recoils, the mind cannot

I am sickened by the situation in and around Gaza. No side is blameless though it appears that the law of proportionality has gone out of the window. You may see some graphic video of the aftermath of an attack at The Raw Story. Almost no direct reporting is available in the United States (quelle surprise).

As Watertiger comments:
Your tax dollars hard at work and not a peep out of the White House!?!?!

I am not ready to comment much about this. You will note that in the graphic above, a standard I created some time ago, I choose a name for the land that predates Joshua, Jesus, and Mohammed all three.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

I am horrified. Neither side is blameless but I must make the proportionality argument.

And that video link from Watertiger's... Oh my God.

My Jewish Zionist cousins have been sending out diatribe after diatribe. I am sure that they know my silence is not by accident, but what can I say to them?

In the meantime, I have reason to believe that my one cousin, their son, may be moved from is IDF post in Northern Israel to Gaza.

While I don't want him to die, I can't bear to think of his hatred for Palestinians and his justifications for what he does.

God help us all.

Paul said...

It is a heart-rending mess. And the endless feeding of fear and hatred, passing poison from generation to generation and increasing its toxic dose in the process, is just staggering (and inexcusable).

Because your family is involved this leaves abstraction and shows itself as real faces, real people, real lives, real flesh that is vulnerable before it all.

God help us all, indeed!