Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some things never change

Back when we used to attend the San Francisco Opera (early to mid-80s) we sat in the next to last row of the uppermost balcony. Interestingly, today's seat in a movie theatre for a live broadcast of la Rondine from the Met, cost only about a dollar shy of the prices waaaaaaay back then. I digress.

We would often rush to get to the Opera on time, climb many flights of stairs, then settle into our cramped but cushioned seats. The lights went down, the music went up, it was warm. And by the third act I usually took a little nap. Maybe in the second act.

Sure enough, I startled myself awake with a little snore in the third act today. And as I snored and came to, my opera companion nudged me.

So predictable.

I really do need to get more sleep.

The production was terrific and the singing and acting spectacular, I might add, though there were some technical difficulties in the broadcast. The sound system was erratic, with occasional pops that near startled me out of my seat. The first bar of the last act was silent and the interviews between acts were near-unintelligible.

The kisses between Ruggero and Magda were rather, well, more than one usually gets in acting. I had not realized that the singers are married (wed right at the Met, I believe she said). This illumined their playfulness at curtain calls. I don't think it is standard practice for the tenor to slap the soprano's rear as she bounds out for her final curtain call. They are quite charming.

Back to last-minute prep before company comes.
--the BB

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