Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things are slow - or the opposite

Snow on the statuary (December 2008)

A number of us have slowed down on blog postings. Mostly it is because we have been terribly busy in our "non-virtual" lives. One can only do so many things in any one day.

Last week was slow at work (last week of the year, lots of folks taking it off) but very busy on the social front. This week is insanely busy at work (and very draining). By 5 PM each weeknight I am fried.

Not much on the social scene except that I am getting ready to have 7 folks over for dinner Saturday evening. No one who has not been to my home can imagine how much there is to do just to have dinner guests - because, frankly, my housekeeping style may best be termed "bachelor slob." You'd think at my advanced age - you're supposed to be amused at that - I would have progressed beyond a male twenty-something far from the reach of parents and college authorities. Alas. So each evening I do a little bit to move it all forward. Still lots to go before they arrive. It does feel nice to organize my life more than has been the case for quite a while.

Even so, Saturday I am meeting someone for brunch then off to the cinema for a Metropolitan Opera showing of La Rondine by Puccini.

My resolution this year has to do with socializing. If that is successful, there may well be less blogging.

I've been reading as much as possible but not commenting as much as usual. Trying to let go of that neurotic drive to post lots just so I have lots of page views. How pathetic is that?

Fear not. I shall still opine. And try to share photos.

For now, I hope you all had a wonderful Día de los Reyes, capping off a good Twelve Days of Christmas. Now into the green time!
--the BB

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