Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What the orthopedist said

It seems the torn meniscus is not a big deal but my osteoarthritis is. Still, so far I am lucky. I have almost no pain and then very mild and fleeting and I have a full range of motion. Surgery is not called for at this point. Physical therapy and dropping 5% of my weight is.

Well, that is something I know I need to do anyway and I will be grateful for guidance so my exercising is helping and not hurting. My big fear was that I would damage something while pumping iron.

Amazing how I found an illustration that looks so much like me when I work out, eh?

Not. But a guy's gotta have fantasies.

It was interesting looking at the x-rays with the doctor so I could see what he was talking about. I do have bone spurs; the spacing between bones is still good; my kneecaps are not perfectly aligned. Well, everybody has imperfections.

Oversharing, I know, but now y'all know what came of my doctor's visit today.
---the BB


it's margaret said...

You can do it dear. When I first met you, you looked like that.... you can do it!

The Cunning Runt said...

It sounds bearable, Paul - that must be a relief. But stay on it, don't do what I did and let it (in my case, my shoulders) get out of hand!

I'm paying for that procrastination with a fair level of disability.

Paul said...

Oh, Margert. Bless you, darlin'. LMAO!

Well, if only I could laugh it off. May all your memories be this rose-tinted. LOL

Paul said...

I hear you loud and clear, Ralph. I did not follow up on the PT for my shoulder and it has some limits to what it can do now. In my defense, this came just as my ex and I split and I was moving into new digs and my life was in total chaos. I have still not unearthed the instructions for the exercises, which I am certain are in a box in my garage in ABQ. I am planning on releasing a new model of me by my 65th birthday that will astound the world.

Grandmère Mimi said...

So, Paul, how is it with you for getting up out of a chair? I'm finding that harder. I expect my knees are about in the same shape as yours.

Since I no longer see the PT, I've grown slack in my exercising, but I'm back full time to walking, which I know is good for me. Well, I can't do everything, but I should try.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

My life is nearing total chaos, which explains how I missed that you were going to the doctor! Prayers for your healing will continue. :-)


Paul said...

Well, Mimi, if it is a low or especially comfy chair it's a bit harder. Getting out of the car is a challenge. And our mission doesn't even have kneelers, fortunately, because I cannot get up from kneeling without something to hang on to. I hope that with restored leg strength this will all improve.

Paul said...

Thanks, Doxy. You have enough swirling about you, so that is why we get to hold YOU in prayer these days. This is just an old chronic issue, so nothing new about it.

susan s. said...

Paul, sorry to hear about your knees. I understand the kneeler thing. I haven't actually knelt for years. It's the pain on the kneeler, never mind the getting up!

Yes, losing weight is the bestest thing to do along with the exercise.