Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday evening

Write a bit and nap at the desk a bit at the office after hours. This is to let the rush-hour crowd at the gym die down a tiny bit before I get there hoping for an exercise bike.

Go to gym. 25 minutes on the bike at resistance level 7. Pump iron. Sweat a lot. Sit a nice long spell in the sauna. Sweat more. Sit by the pool and cool down. Shower.

Stop at store. Sandwich fixins. Orange juice. Celery (healthy) to spread peanut butter on (protein but, really, lots of oil and added sugar as well). Triscuits (reduced fat but, fiber or no fiber, lots of salt) for eating with brie (hey, I'm a California native). Garlic - no quibbles there. I want to fix pasta tomorrow night. Asiago cheese - ditto. String cheese - quick protein easy to carry.

Well, it beats snacking all day long on the things we all bring in to work (lots of Skittles and tiny Tootsie Rolls of late, serious junk food).

Two ibuprofen on the way home while rehydrating. Still achy in spots.

Tonight may be the first time since getting back in the regimen (after consulting with the physical therapist) that my body has emerged feeling good for the workout. It takes a little while of repeated effort to get there. I am looking forward to almost always emerging with that sense of well being that leads to eager anticipation going to the gym. Still at the "I don't feel like it but I need to do this for my health and happiness" stage.

Discipline was never my strong suit. I can provide testimonials.

Work was nutso with the phones ringing all day long. It was near the end of the day when I could return to ready mode and not get the next call instantly. Hope this quiets down.

I hope you all had a lovely Monday. All of this reads more like facebook trivia that matter to no one but the writer but I hate - as you all well know - limiting myself to 1-3 sentences.

Oh, and happy saint's day to me!

--the BB

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