Saturday, July 04, 2009

El gusanito se menea su proyectil

Video: North Korea fires six missiles in act of defiance to US ITN NEWS

North Korea Test-Fires Seven Missiles, Drawing Condemnation Bloomberg
Calm urged after N Korea missiles
Russia, China and the US have all called for calm after North Korea test-fired a series of missiles.

Seven Scud-type ballistic missiles with a range of about 500km (312 miles) were fired in an apparent act of defiance against the US, on 4 July.

Russia and China called on Pyongyang to return to talks, while a US official urged it not to aggravate tensions.

Quote from BBC article
I don't make this stuff up, folks.

Mark and I have shared our abhorrence of mixing alcohol and firearms. I also get uncomfortable when crazy people have weapons. Bush. Cheney. Osama bin Ladin. Kim Jong Il.

--the BB


Brad said...

Wow-gay AND episcopalian AND liberal! So cutting edge!
Mainline protestantism has all the spontaneity of a rusted metronome.

Paul said...

I am far too old to worry about cutting edges or what is trendy. I am more interesting in just being who I am and seeing what God may be up to in our world. My identity does not include Protestant, btw. It may be in the denomination's formal title but I am too sacramental to be anything but Catholic.