Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chillaxin' - updated(2x)

Thanked God for the miracle of a new day and the gift of my life. Check.

Played Freecell while waiting for pages to load. Check.

Went to Mass and yakked with folks afterward. Check.

Went to the gym, rode the bike, pumped iron, sweated in sauna. Check.

Stopped on the way home and had Chinese for lupper. Check. Asked for chili paste to give it some pizazz. Check. Now we're talking!

Saw interesting clouds on the way home as another afternoon rain builds us. Check.

Chilling. Check.

Later today: finish comb-binding a book and assemble a reference source; work on novel.


Took 45-minute nap. Check.

Popped brownies into oven. Check.

Had a couple of brownies for supper. Very naughty. Check.

Finished binding book and reference. Check.

Unfinished: work on novel. But I can get back to that today (Monday).

--the BB

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