Sunday, July 26, 2009

Department of Pre-Spin (updated for typo)

After all this time - and still no justice - do you wonder about Scooter Libby's commuted sentence combined with Bush's refusal, in spite of Darth's urgent pleas, to give him a pardon? Are you curious about the things still not known to the general public? What did Bush know or not know, do or not do? How many levels of lies and manipulation can we attitute to Dick the Dick? (Answer: count grains of sand on all the shores on earth.) Whose butts are being covered and why?

Time has an article on Cheney's and Libby's pleas for a pardon, all turned down by Bush. But there's plenty of spin and glossing over there.

If you want the down and dirty on the treasonous exposure of a covert agent in a time of war, always turn to Marcy Wheeler, aka emptywheel. She has a long post up today. More detail than many of you will care for, but will be able to see the issues involved.

--the BB

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