Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ALL presidents must be held accountable

I voted for Obama. Enthusiastically. I support him. I criticize him. I want him to succeed. And I intend to hold him accountable. I'm already pretty pissed about several issues.

The Obama administration has, alas, a less than stellar record so far on some significant legal issues.

bmaz writes today on the issue of rendition.

Just to keep y'all informed. And to keep the President on his toes.

We must also remember: (1) He was not and is not the Messiah... or the anti-Christ; (2) he is not a liberal or progressive, he is a left-leaning centrist; (3) he's human; (4) he's trying to clean the Augean Stables of Bush's crime spree and clusterfuck; and (5) it is the job of the People to make him do the right thing.

--the BB


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Right on.

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Or left on, in your case. ;-)

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Vive la gauche et vivent les gauchers!