Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Young heroes dream of glory

A. was amused watching the lads vie for any notice by the princess and her husband, the duke. They were like her own children—wanting attention, eager to show what they could do, and dreaming of a future devoid of loss or setback.

“How much they have yet to learn,” she thought to herself and once even said as much to V. He was the same age as H. but A. could see how the burden of rule added years to his soul. The duke chuckled.

“We are all children faced with an ancient world. We have much to learn and suffer and discover. Stars be thanked, we also have much to taste and enjoy. Imagine the years of [the goddess of wisdom]. Do you think that if we lived that long we might have her compassion?”

“The [sea] must be a small drop of lifeblood in her great heart, Cousin. She embraces all things, and I cannot begin to fathom that. May she help us hold the small fragments of the world we know.”

“I believe,” said the duke, “that your forest nurtures sages.”

It was A’s moment to laugh. “I believe, [Your Grace], that your court nurtures flatterers, but it was kindly spoken and I thank you.”

They looked at each other and giggled. It was a comforting moment of humor amid the grim business of war and they knew how precious and fleeting it was.
--Excerpt from Chapter 61

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Also his citation of William Porcher Dubose.

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