Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When the appatus of the state serves a political party....

Remember the Bush Crime Team? Ah, good times, no?

Papers have finally been released of testimony by Turdblossom and la Harriet. It seems Rove was very involved in attempts to fire the New Mexico US Attorney, David Iglesias. Imagine my surprise. Pressure from Pyjamas Pete Domenici and Heather "think of the children" Wilson and from the White House to fire someone who was not actively helping get Heather elected by pursuing scancals among Dems.

Anyone recall that the Department of Justice is supposed to operate in independence of the White House as a law enforcement agency for the nation and not as legal thugs for current incumbents and their party? No? I see. We can forget a lot in eight years, can't we? Of course, if the Supremes had stayed out of it and let the 2000 election proceed with all legitimate votes counted we would not have entered the eight years of the Bush Crime Team.

Poisoned water under a falling bridge.

Last time I checked some war criminals were still on the loose. Pity.

You can read sordid details at emptywheel and at TPM.

I really do want these motherfuckers behind bars.

And I am so proud that New Mexico turned solid blue last election.

--the BB

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

A Nürnberg! A Nürnberg!