Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heart thread - 09/29/2009

I cannot honestly say I have any developed theology of prayer. And my practice is really quite sloppy. But I do believe it is an amazing privilege to hold the world in our heart with love and to stand before the Infinite Mystery. Doing that can be called by many names and done in endless fashions but I believe it matters.

I came home to this news from David@Montreal:
I was out to 'burbia last Friday to spend some truly wonderful time with Mam
it was a radiant day- the first of that 'thinner light' of early autumn
Mam was well- as enthusiastic and positive as ever,; we spent a bit of time in her garden- tidying up etc.
over one of several cups of tea we shared heart prayers for a number of folks, and that;s when she told me - that morning, knowing that I would be coming out, she had called our beloved cousin Frank, and his wide Carol in Brittish Columbia and through God's unfailing grace, and the love and generosity of your hearts Franks had beaten this latest round of c-difficile.
yes, there's still a form of pneumonia I've never heard of, but the experts say it's 'absolutely exceptional' the way his new immune system is building itself considering it was only a 9 of 10 genetic match.

Frank specifically asked Mam to pass on his deepest thanks to what he calls 'David's Giants', and Carol told Mam he still gets teary and shakes his head with incredulity when they speak of the great web of prayer and love which is upholding them through this.
at present Frank can manage to walk almost three city blocks!

still not out of the woods, Mam and I literally sang the doxology at this news- but then with a Welsh Mam praise is often sung!

as you continue to remember Frank and Carol in your prayers and practice, I'd particularly ask prayers for a beloved sister who has more than nine hours driving ahead of her in the next 24 hours.

to each and every one of you, my heartfelt thanks for your faithful generosity my beloved Giants of Prayer and Practice, you are such an awesome embodiment of the truth and blessing of living as the Living Body of Christ.

with love, prayers and abiding gratitude
From DioBytes, eNews from the Diocese of California:
Bishop Marc doing well after surgery
Sheila Andrus reports that Bishop Marc did very well with his surgery yesterday afternoon. The surgeon, she said, was extremely positive about how the surgery went and the outcome. It is not yet known when Bishop Marc will be released from the hospital, but that will happen in the next few days.

The Andrus family are all very grateful for the prayers and good wishes that they have received and they look forward to this time of healing.
Prayers for Grandpère and Grandmère:
Well Now...
...the good news is that he was NOT hurt. The bad news is that Grandpère ruined the front fender and bumper on my one-year old car. If you recall, the reason my car is fairly new is that GP totaled my old car driving in New Orleans. Here we are in New Orleans, and he's done it again, only this time with much less damage. He is a very good driver in most instances, but he is not a city-smart driver. Have you guessed who plays the fool in this drama? Moi! Maybe GP learned a lesson. I hope so. If not, next time it won't be in my car.
For those who mourn, especially grandchildren.

For Jack, aka Doorman-Priest:
This Friday evening I will be meeting with the Examinations Committee of the Lutheran Church to "discuss the way forward". I would value your prayers.
For young Oliver and his family, including Grandfather Malcolm+.

For Counterlight and Michael, one recovering from flu and the other coming down with it.

For victims of tsunami:
A tsunamBoldi ripped across islands of the South Pacific, wiping out several villages and killing at least 34 people in Samoa and American Samoa, with the number of dead expected to escalate as more bodies are found.
For victims of typhoon:
By Nguyen Van Vinh DANANG, Vietnam, Sept 30 (Reuters) - The biggest floods in decades threatened Vietnam's central provinces on Wednesday following a powerful typhoon that swept into the country after wreaking havoc in the Philippines.
For peace and justice in Honduras.

For peace and justice in Canaan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

For the establishment and acknowledgment in the United States of public health for all as a human right.

For widespread awareness of urgency and a will to cooperate in the matter of climate change:
WASHINGTON, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Global warming will cut into world grain yields and result in less food being available in the developing world in 2050, a think tank said on Tuesday, calling for aggressive action to boost food output.
For normalized relations between Cuba and the United States.
Jane R had the scoop on Facebook (AP/Yahoo):
A senior American diplomat has held unannounced, high-level talks in Havana with the Cuban government, three State Department officials told The Associated Press on Tuesday, raising hopes for a thaw in long-icy relations.
For Diane who gots a cold.

Ongoing prayers for Myron, for Roseanne, for Joel, for Jeannetta, for Sandra, for Janet, for my other Diane, for Kathy, for John, for Karen, and all those you, dear readers, bring in your hearts to this post.

Holy Raphael, Healer of Heaven, by God's mercy succor the ill and comfort the afflicted.

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for all, and thank you for the prayers for GP and me, Paul.

it's margaret said...

And God, bless Paul. His heart-threads weave the world an image of your grace and mercy.

(I have a Raphael santos from the museum in Santa Fe in my living room... --but this one you just posted is stunning. I love it!)