Sunday, September 27, 2009

She is also Lalut's granddaughter; don't underestimate her

"I am here before you to state, with neither threat nor treachery, that I lay claim to the throne of my father and his father before him and my grandfather before him.”

The princess declares her purpose to one of the Regents. She is not going to lay siege to the capital, as one claimant has already attempted. She sends no assassins into the castle by stealth. The Regents will have to decide whether to open the gates to her or not. For now, all remains in flux.

As usual, no writing over the weekend, but I did make progress last week (finally).

Tonight a new piece of the puzzle manifested itself. I will need to write it into the narrative when I revise. A prominent minor character just acquired more depth.

I need to compose a lament (think David lamenting Jonathan) for this tale. Or at least snippets of it. It is one of the fictive sources of the story.

The Chronicles involve stories within a story. As an amateur historian I have to at least postulate my sources, and sometimes write portions of them.

Here is my first Turkish vocabulary word to master:

Tomorrow I will work on "no."

Sweet dreams, my snoozing serpents!

--the BB

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