Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A garden, a casserole, a challenge

Is this evening a semblance of normalcy?

I came home and watered the back yard. Noted more leaves falling, more green tomatoes, some ripe ones, pondered the yard work I should have done yesterday when the day was beautiful. But I didn't, did I, Blanche?

I threw together a casserole of ham, noodles, eggs, cream, green chiles, cheese, bread crumbs. Not heavenly but not bad. Good use of what is in the house.

I'm not running off anywhere tonight.

Tomorrow we have our inaugural healing Eucharist at San Gabriel, to be a regular feature on second Tuesdays. I look forward to that. The masters for the liturgy and the proper lessons were printed yesterday and I can have copies made at lunch.

Today at lunch I wolfed down a really tasty cheese sandwich (good bread full of what berries and stuff and extra sharp Vermont cheddar, nothing else) and drove to Diocesan House. There I turned in the keys so someone else can cover Our Saviour this coming Sunday while I am back at San Gabriel. I did a pep talk for diocesan staff as they ate their lunches and politely listened. Actually, I think they catch the possibilities. They also confirmed that in the entire SW quadrant of Albuquerque there are only the Cathedral Church of St John and Our Saviour.

According to the city's website, Albuquerque's population is 860,000. Now, I know that the SW quadrant does not hold 1/4 of that, we are still more sparsely populated than the rest of the city. But let's pretend for a moment that the SW does have 215,000 people in it and only two Episcopal Churches.

Would it be rude to point out that the money in ABQ lies in the opposite direction (the NE heights)?

Or that the motto of the diocese is "we are a missionary people" when San Gabriel is the only mission started in many years, and it was started by a parish?

Yep. Very rude.

Consider it a challenge.

Time to act like people who really believe their lives have been changed by God's love. To act like people who really believe God loves all creation. To act like people who are called, empowered, and commanded to be part of the healing of the world.

And you don't have to be a fundamentalist to believe and act like this. Liberals can do it too. And trust me on this, ABQ does not have a superfluity of progressive and inclusive churches.

Anyone care to dream dreams and have visions?

Just saying.

--the BB

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