Friday, October 16, 2009

When the perps are behind bars, I will let this rest

This is too delish:
“It cannot be suggested that information as to how officials of the U.S. government admitted treating (Binyam Mohamed) during his interrogation is information that can in any democratic society governed by the rule of law be characterized as ’secret’ or as ‘intelligence’…”

--Paisley Dodds for the AP (full article here)

What is this all about? In a nutshell:
In a stunning and refreshing decision, the British High Court has overruled the British government’s attempt to suppress torture evidence on the US and British treatment of Binyam Mohamed.

See bmaz's article at emptywheel.
“In our view, as a court in the United Kingdom, a vital public interest requires, for reasons of democratic accountability and the rule of law in the United Kingdom, that a summary of the most important evidence relating to the involvement of the British security services in wrongdoing be placed in the public domain in the United Kingdom.”

The British High Court shows the world how torture is considered in a real legal system.


--the BB