Thursday, October 22, 2009

A guy's gotta dream

This is the huge sign I want to put out front. Time to see what it would cost.

I first heard about this opportunity twelve days ago.

The outpouring of love, prayers, and support is amazing.

God has sent us a lay couple who want to see this church stay open. The husband led Morning Prayer last Sunday and cleared weeds out front today. He does prison ministry. The prisoners are now praying for us and wishing us well.

San Gabriel's congregation is willing to help us have a "miracle day," a time of sprucing up. Someone from that congregation is making burses to match our chalice veils and a fair linen.

Fellow bloggers are praying and sending wishes. They are sharing ideas. They are asking what our wish list is. One is interested in making an offering.

Friends are volunteering to serve as acolytes when they visit.

Another friend wants to underwrite ten Prayer Books and help tutor in English.

St Thomas of Canterbury is donating five used Prayer Books and tables. Another parish might have some folding chairs they could send our way and are looking into that. A friend who doesn't even do church is bringing her pickup to help schlep tables.

Amid casual conversation this evening I realized how close All Saints is. Drawing on my experience in Oakland, we will celebrate Los Días de los Muertos at the same time. I will prepare an ofrenda in the church and we hope to get out a press release to the local paper saying all are welcome to remember loved ones in community.

I can hardly wait to start English classes and offer weekly Spanish Eucharist.

And we are upheld by prayers across the nation and around the world.

Ah, the prayers. This is where God works on all our hearts and we see possibilities.

O God, who inspired your apostles in Jerusalem to pray and fast to discern your will: Send us your Spirit, that we may learn what you would have us to do and the words and witness you would have us offer, that your Kingdom may come and your power be revealed in the South Valley; to the glory of your Name. Amen.

You know, I think this is of the Spirit.

--the BB


susan s. said...


Jane R said...

Yes! (Got chills down my spine reading your post.)

Glory to Godde.

Apostle In Exile said...

How do a send a HUGE smile?

Diocese of San Joaquin is still struggling, but I'll see if our diocesan supply "closet" has any extras we can send. What do you need in the way of worship supplies?

Paul said...

Thanks, Apostle in Exile. Hmm. We have altar vessels and linens, altar book, gospel book, missal stand, cruets, hosts, wine. I suppose we lack lavabo bowl and lavabo towels, though I am using ironed handkerchiefs for the latter and a functional bowl for the former. No one more than two yards away can tell. We are good on stoles and I have my own chasubles. I also have my own thurible, charcoal, and incense, though we have not stoked the pot yet. (The church has been smudged with sage and sprinkled with old-fashioned holy water.) I have a 2000 LFF and 203 BOS. I have not seen my Spanish BOS lately.

Kirstin said...

Beautiful. Blessings to all!

clumber said...

Am I missing the "Paypal" button here? How about asking MP to put the power of OCICBW to work again?

With all our noses to the ground, perhaps we can find some loose change to give to the cause.... come on dawgs!

Good stuff!

A Woof and a wag of the tail to you all out there!


Paul said...

Dear Bishop Clumber,

Stunning idea.

It had not occurred to me. That's why we presbyters need some good bishops around to inspire us. Give me a few days. This is under the diocese so I need to check with the authorities to keep everything copacetic.

clumber said...

Oh, and make sure to include a map and an invitation to everyone here... Mrs. Clumber and I have not been out your way for a few years, and I'm getting a real yearning to visit one of my favorite B&B's down near old town and go hiking up in the mountains.... maybe in the spring! Oh, and of course I'm dying for some good food! I loves me them sofa pillows, or whatever you folks call them! And, in answer to the state question, "red", please!

Paul said...

Sopaipillas coming up!

clumber said...

I once visited Abq for work, to the supercomputer center there on campus and they took all the crew out to some place on the east side in a shopping mall for what they claimed was "best in town". The sofa pillows were about the size of VW bugs, were soft and light and delicious, and the sauce was to die for! Never have been able to find the place again...

susan s. said...

Mmmmm. With lots of honey to pour into them!

Word verification - "aderatif"

Yes I could go for some aderatif!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

All the best for your blessed efforts!

Grandmère Mimi said...

You know, I think this is of the Spirit.

As I do - in spades!

Ellie Finlay said...

Hi, Paul. This is all very wonderful.

I also wanted to let you know that I haven't yet heard back from Sr. Elias about the status of the vestment exchange. I don't think she's very good about checking her email!

If I don't hear from her by the end of the day, I'll phone her.

Paul said...

Thank you, Ellie. There is no rush.