Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Open for business

Pieces come together, bit by bit.

St Thomas of Canterbury, the parish next to the University of New Mexico, is donating five used Prayer Books and as many tables that they are not using.

The mission church of San Gabriel hopes to help us with a "miracle day" to spiff things up.

A lay person led Morning Prayer last Sunday and is eager to see this church stay open and happen. He is going to cut down the weeds around the signs out front. We will be celebrating a birthday after Eucharist this Sunday. I picked up some more supplies at Costco after work. I can donate a couple of Prayer Books from my library, plus an icon of the Rublev Trinity and a Bible.

Someone who sews is willing to make a fair linen and some burses for us.

Lesson handouts for the next four weeks have been prepared.

I am trying to see if I can start teaching English classes on Thursday nights one week after Thanksgiving.

So many possibilities.

Keep praying, my friends. We are trying to do a church plant with almost no money and nothing but faith.

There are folks who would like to see the diocese sell the property. Pray that their hearts may be turned.

Lots going on; blogging is light this week. Dinner out tomorrow.

--the BB


Jane R said...

May the Holy Spirit shed Her fire upon you, spread Her wings over you, breathe Her cool breeze upon you, bathe you in Her life-giving waters, and sort out all our mixed metaphors! Blessings and more blessings. Thinking of you and sending prayers.

It sounds like an ecclesial Stone Soup... Thus will a rich feast emerge!

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Wormwood's Doxy said...

What an exciting time! I can't think of anyone better to lead that little group. May God bless you all.

it's margaret said...

Paul! What is your wish list of 'stuff'?

Teaching English.... are you doing the services in another language?

Truly, let me know your wish list.

Paul said...

It is almost too soon for wish lists. Here is what was left in the church: altar, nave chairs, altar book, gospel book, two small chasubles (I have my own in all but rose), one chalice, two patens, a few brass vessels, votive candle holders, flower vases, chalice veils, and hymnals.

I bought, the first Saturday: a pall, two corporals, three purificators, hosts, altar wine. I brought in a plastic tub to wash sacred vessels, dish soap, towels, hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, a waste basket.

From home I also brought a large San Damiano cross for over the altar, some icons, an altar book stand, a credence table, a gallon of holy water, a side table on which to put holy water near the entrance, and an offering basket. I also have an Ethiopian processional cross but I don't leave that in the church.

Someone, as noted, is making a fair linen and burses.

Canterbury is giving us five tables and five used prayer books.

Our wish list includes BCPs, tables, chairs, waste baskets, white boards, a vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board, and we-haven't-thought-it-out yet.

I also got an offer tonight to pay for ten more prayer books.

We need clean-up days, new signage out front, including 9-inch high plastic letters for one sign that faces two directions, banners (I have lots of silk that I can make sheer hangings of color with).

Mostly we need people who would love to worship together and build a new community.

We will need ESL supplies if we go that path.

The communications department of the diocese will help.

We need to build networks of communication and cooperation.

Laity with vision and calling.

It would be great to have a deacon to build ministry to and from and with the world about us.

I am sure more will arise.

Oh, not yet, but as soon as possible I wish to do Spanish Masses on Sunday evenings. It is a heavily immigrant area, which is why I would like to offer English classes.

Dreaming, and running to catch up right now.

Ellie Finlay said...

Oh, I really wish I could be there to help!

I have a another solitary nun friend in New Jersey who (used to?) runs a clearing house for discarded church supplies and vestments of all sorts. I will contact her and see if she still does that sort of thing. She may be able to help with your wish list.

Paul said...

Thanks, y'all. Once we have some people we may need albs.

As for myself, I have full vestments and multiple stoles in every color, so we have that covered. I also have plenty of fabric to make frontals with.

I wish I could import Sister Ellie. We'd be off and running!