Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heart Thread - 09/21/2009 - updated

I ask your prayers for my brother-in-law Jack and my sister Shirley.

Came to this rather late and saw this from my niece Paula on Facebook:
Quick trip to Fresno this noontime. Dad in the hospital with heart issues. As my grandma Hallie use to say...getting old sucks.

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Actually the saying was, Getting old sucks and it's not for sissies. Ended up not being heart issues, at least the blood work doesn't show that. He is in kidney failure and his white blood count is way low along with his blood platelettes. He says he feels fine this evening, but has the ugliest of headaches, no wonder after 7 nitro pills on the way to the hospital and they still have him on a nitro patch. Hoping to talk to the dr tomorrow. My mom is pretty much wheel chair bound and house bound, doesn't get out much, so i need to be here to take care of her until my dad gets home from the hospital.

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Dad still in the hospital. Looking into the heart issues, but he is in kidney failure. He feels fine and says he wants to come home but the drs say no -- more tests. Blood pressure is still quite high, white blood count is extremely low, as is his platelets counts.

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Thanks everyone. Just got back from the hospital. Blood pressure is down, still monitoring him however his kidney dr did say dialysis is in his near future. Dad doesn't like the sound of that.
UPDATE on Jack from Paula:
Dad had 2 nuclear stress test today on his heart, then a big meal full of fats and then another test around dinner time. Results tomorrow as to any heart issues.
Good note: His "bad kidney count" is down another 3/10ths so that's a total of 7/10ths since being admitted. Count is still at 2.8 which is nearly doubled what it was in Feb and in Feb his kidneys were only functioning at 22%. He looks fine and feels fine and is ready to come home and get a good nights sleep.

For Joel
I've had coffee. Mr. Witty has had cookies and a leak. Now off to take Mr. Watson for an early morning MRI to see about his thymus.... all with regard to his myesthenia gravis diagnosis and all that....[It's Margaret]


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

it's margaret said...

Thank you Paul. It took a couple of hours, and then they surprised us with another type of x-ray.... we are not holding our breath to know the results.... but will keep you posted. This is all to find out if Joel's thymus has tumors, which is sometimes indicated with the diagnosis of the MG.

The body is such a dynamic mystery.

Paul said...

Margaret, prayers will continue. Thanks for the updates.

David said...

Prayers for Margaret & Joel continuing
Prayers for Jack and Shirley begun


Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for all.

susan s. said...

Yes, prayers ascend.