Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Johnny One Note

I realize I have not been posting about other things, like health care, war and war crimes, torture, FISA, the arts, and the other usual topics lately. You could say I have been a bit preoccupied.

Here are some updates on what preoccupies me.

This evening I attended a lovely house blessing. One of the co-presiding priests was a chum from my days at CDSP (the Episcopal seminary in Berkeley). Nice to see her again. She is retired and I am trying to keep the green-eyed monster at bay.

As I was getting ready to leave the event and begin my long drive home the sweet lady who is making our fair linen and burses told me she will also have a white frontal ready for us for this Sunday as we celebrate the feast of All Saints. I had pulled out fabric last night, thinking to make one. Now I don't have to.

Another friend from San Gabriel has pledged six wastebaskets (dustbins for English-speakers).

In my mailbox was a gracious and generous check.

In my e-mailbox was a note from the rector of my home parish saying he was looking for more prayer books and seeing if parishioners could help with other items on the wish list.

Today the diocesan treasurer's office is looking into things like "does the heating work?" so we don't freeze in the sudden change of temperatures here. (I had not even checked it yet and we anticipate scattered snow showers today.)

Every day there are new blessings, new acts of love and support, for mission and ministry. It is only as we participate in mission and ministry (and it does not have to be our brand or flavor, I speak broadly here) in our specific corners of the world that become part of tikkun, the restoration and healing of the world.

We must act, speak, bear witness, and struggle on larger stages also but it is the close, concrete, particular acts that embody what we yearn to become.

I hope, this evening, that y'all yearn to be what we are made to be: channels of compassion, healing, justice, peace, truth, light, and love.

In the current tight economy I don't want to confront anyone with a begging bowl for this ministry. My own income is from a secular job and this is about a movement of the Spirit and the People of the South Valley and up toward the West Mesa in Albuquerque, NOT about any one priest. (I wince when loving people call this "my" church; you know what I mean, I trust.) If this is about me, I should stop right now.

We are venturing where the diocese, struggling with many larger challenges at the moment, cannot afford to make any substantial investment.

So, because some have asked, if anyone wishes to contribute, they may make checks payable to the following:
Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande

4304 Carlisle Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87107
And earmark them for "Our Saviour, ABQ."

Only if you want to and can afford it, OK?

If what you can afford right now is "only" prayer, that is more precious than gold and makes a difference. Without the prayers of many this simply will not happen and I and others involved are immeasurably grateful for every prayer offered. Thank you.

--the BB


Kirstin said...

Prayers and love.

David said...

Prayers and love
wonder and gratitude here too


Jane R said...

Prayers - and you know we love you when you're being a monomaniac. It's wonderful to see the movement of the Spirit and the work of the people.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Me too!

scott said...

i have a thurible that i can donate, and will be meeting with a friend this afternoon about folding chairs. He has access to some office furnishings that it would be possible to donate - need anything like that? Also, i can donate a desktop computer (Windows XP) if that would be of any use. Just give me a holler!

Paul said...

Awesome, Scott. Yes, there is no furniture, so office furniture would be helpful. It would help us handle supplies, bulletins, etc. even if we don't have "staff" who would occupy an office yet. A computer could prove very useful when we have someone in an office but I have no idea when that might be; right now I do it all at my home. I'm "bi-platformal" so Windows XP is very comfortable, what I have used at work for a very long time and I can trade files with my Mac at home. Talk to you soon.

Earthbound Spirit said...

Your ministry is in my prayers - may it be bountifully blessed.

Paul said...

Thanks, EBS.