Friday, October 30, 2009

This is not over

, whom I revere, keeps digging:
So Cheney and Libby asked Schmall (for at least the third time) about Wilson’s trip. Then Cheney went into a briefing, then meeting, with Bush, Condi, Card, and Rove. And then Rove went into the senior staff meeting talking about how they had to push back against Wilson. Cathie Martin wrote up some talking points reflecting Rove’s comments. And then Libby told Ari Fleischer about Plame’s identity.

It’s just a mere five hours from Cheney and Rove’s conversation with Bush to Libby telling the White House Press Secretary that Plame was a CIA officer.
I remain of the opinion that even when the war is illegal, immoral, and counterproductive, the outing of a covert CIA operative in a time of war constitutes treason. It is all the more heinous when that operative was engaged in tracking nuclear capabilities in a region where governments are questionable and terrorists lurk on the fringes - in other words, risking her ass to save ours.

It's a pity the Obama administration does not believe in holding criminals accountable.

--the BB