Sunday, March 28, 2010

Heart thread - 03/28/2010

I ask your prayers for Dave who has surgery tomorrow morning. May all go well and may he get good news. May his anxiety ease.

We remember this night all those endangered by tornadoes.

I give thanks for the six households that gathered to worship this morning at Our Saviour, South Valley, and especially for those who labor on its behalf and who have a vision of possibilities.

I offer heartfelt thanks for the arrival of spring in New Mexico. Not for my little garden but for the sake of food throughout the earth I pray for bees and other pollinating insects.

Prayers for the success of a new beginning on START treaties between the Russian Federation and the USA.

For our President as he travels.

For the 153 trapped in a Chinese coal mine after it was flooded.

--the BB

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for all.