Sunday, March 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

What? You were expecting Palm Sunday?

That too. But my Christmas present from my BFF was two half-days of yard help and today was one of them. Frankly, he did all the planting of roses and herbs and most of the annuals. I weeded, pruned, mulched, and did some of the planting of annuals and hauled off trash. Best of all, we had time to visit and talk about this and that.

Today's additions to the yard were six bare root roses, five French lavenders, three other herbs, and 42 mixed pansies and violas.

Remember the south wall with snow and iris?

Two standard miniature roses and all that lavender have joined the iris.

The Methley plum is quite stunning this evening.

And here is a view of the entire yard as seen through the Red Haven peach tree.

Alas, I think we saw all of three bees or other insects, so pollinating does not seem to be happening. Sigh.

But Easter dinner should have a floral backdrop.

--the BB


The Cunning Runt said...

Don't give up on the pollenators - they're out there!

Paul said...

Alas, Ralph, damned few in this neighborhood. Of course, it is a tract with NO mature trees and not that much landscaping. Eventually it will be a friendlier place for birds and insects but so far, not so much. I promise not to despair, though. Planting a tree is a great act of hope and these were planted in 2007.