Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heart thread - 03/31/2010

Let us recall that the suffering of all sentient beings is part of the ongoing Passion of Christ, in whom all things exist. Let us pray for those going through their own Holy Week.

For Kathy having tests done.

For Dave waiting to hear test results.

For Mark who has had an awful day.

For Declan struggling for health and for his family.

For Jonathan and the Missus.

For Robert Whitaker and his family.

For a blogger and his brother.

For all victims of every form of abuse that they may find healing (which presupposes some truth and justice as well).

For all field workers as we recall the life of César Chávez.

For clergy trying to make it through Holy Week and for altar guild members everywhere.

For those attacked for being real and those afraid of their own reality.

He who is rich made Himself lowly for our sakes: rising from the Supper, He took a towel and girded Himself, and bowing down He washed the feet of the disciples and the traitor.
--Lenten Triodion


susan s. said...

Prayers for all. Also Choir members who have to make it thru Holy Week.

Paul said...

Yes, Susan, absolutely. And all deacons who are not musically gifted but will be attempting the Exsultet.

susan s. said...

How did you know?

Paul said...

For several years I coached deacons to sing it (at St Mark's and elsewhere). I was honored to sing it at St Alban's, Westwood, at the Great Vigil 1977, as a lay cantor. It was not brilliant, that's for sure, and I stumbled. But I also fell in love with it and it is now part of my soul.

susan s. said...

I think I like Louis Weil's setting best!

I am sending you a message on Facebook.

Paul said...

It is very nice. I did not have it back then, so the one in the Altar Book is the one stuck in my memory.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for all.