Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Civic duty

A friend lectured me sternly about my duty to vote in this mid-term primary, pointing to a judicial election that can make a big difference. So I went online, found out where my polling place was, and voted after work.

It is much harder to vote in New Mexico than in California. In California I received notices of my polling places, sample ballots, forms to request absentee ballots, analyses of all propositions, etc. We used to vote in several locations, depending on the size of the election, but we always knew where.

In New Mexico I have to dig it up myself. Voter information here sucks. Thank God for the internet. They do post the information online. In fact, you can even see which elections I have voted in as my record is online.

I confess, I spend so much time tracking national and international politics that I give scant attention to local politics. I know they are vital but that is not where I budget my time.

Work was one of those "double Mondays" that follow a three-day weekend. Non-stop calls. After a voting I came home and had a stiff drink, chilled, did one load of laundry, napped, and tossed this bit of fluff out just so y'all know I'm alive. I also have a noticeably darker tan after yesterday's outing.

Sweet dreams.

--the BB

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