Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Heart thread - 06/02/2010

For Kirstin:
Some of you know I had a mass removed from my abdominal wall last week. They told me it was a lipoma; harmless something like 99% of the time.

My pathology report came back today, consistent with metastatic melanoma.

That is literally all I know. I expect my oncologist in Oakland to call me tomorrow; I'll do a phone consultation with him. And see the oncologist here (Stockton) who is not the one who tried to kill me two years ago. The very least it means is scans and probably more surgery. I don't even know the protocol, if interferon would be done a second time.

I don't know what it means for my ministries in Sacramento. I know I want to continue doing everything I can. And I know that right now, I feel physically fine.

Keep praying.


Continued healing for Bruce. We learned last week that his foot infection has not gone to osteomyelitis but it is still a serious infection.

For J(1) and F and J(2)'s family and J(3) and D. For F(2) and C, for J(4) and R and M and K. For J(5) and the Missus.

For Ann and Ellie and SG's friend Terry and Cynthia's niece Madeline (cf. OCICBW).

For Baby and Dan who misses him (Come home, kitty.)

For John Bear and Raven and for my Raven.

For Marc, my Bishop, and Katherine, our Presiding Bishop.

For the repose of the soul of Angel Oramas.

For those slain in Cumbria and those who mourn them.

For the people of Gaza.

For those endangered by the wildfire in the Jemez Mountains and those who battle the blaze.

For those picking up the pieces of their lives after a tornado hit Lennox Head on the northern NSW coast (Australia).

For the Indo-US strategic dialogue beginning tomorrow.

For those in and around Karachi bracing for cyclone Phet.

For all life in and around the Gulf of Mexico.

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

Denine said...

Did you know Angel Oramas, of Philadelphia? I was one of his friends. I found your post, and am wondering how you knew him? ~Sincerely, Denine Gorniak

Paul said...

No, Denine, I did not know him. One of my Facebook friends noted his death and asked for prayers; I felt prompted to add prayers for him.