Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Heart thread - 07/06/2010

This morning's heart thread begins with an update from David@Montreal:
And heart-felt thanks for all the prayers, you beloved Giants.
Mam emerged from the post op recovery room just before 11 p.m. last evening.
Though the original plan had been local anesthetic and sedative, complications discovered resulted in her being put under general anesthetic- which no one thought to tell us about. The sedative was still wearing off when the family was ejected from the e.r. after eleven, and Mam was still in some serious pain. Today,the first heat wave of the season continues. I'll be catching busses and metro out to the West Island to catch a lift with one of my sisters up to the hospital, and there is a chance Mam will be released at the end of the day, to go stay with one of my sisters until the cast is removed. Please know, the love and prayers of you beloved Giants have been a real and very great blessing, throughout all this.

This morning, I'd once again commend dear Kirstin to that same wondrous generosity and she works her way into her first week of what is going to be a very aggressive course of treatment on her second battle with cancer.

love always-always Love


Pray for the people of Thailand.
The Thai government this morning extended a state of emergency imposed in about a third of the country during recent political protests, citing ongoing danger from anti-government groups. (Guardian)
For peace throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.

For significant movement by the human race toward alternative energy before we destroy the planet.

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

I'm glad to hear the good news about David's Mam. Prayers for her continued recovery.

Prayers continue for Kirstin and the angels who serve her, including Andee.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh, yes. And prayers for Thailand.

And for movement toward alternative energy sources.

Ellie Finlay said...

Your final petition here is so painful and true.

Prayers, indeed.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!