Saturday, July 03, 2010

Saturday in the garden

The latest yard project

The color pots seem happy today.

The southwest corner

The northwest corner

Some very happy pink mini-petunias

Santa Rosa plums showing signs of ripening

Some of these projects would be easier if I had a truck. I am only willing to schlep so many heavy retaining wall bricks in my passenger car at a time. The very low retaining wall is quite practical. When I am watering, the hose drags behind me and breaks down the wells around the trees and other plants. Rain also breaks down these wells. So, for the sake of more structure in the yard and fewer hours rebuilding wells several times a year, I plan to reinforce some areas as shown in the top photo.

The garden, from the beginning, was meant to have a random look - exuberance without formality, if you will. I rather like the idea of some elements with harder definition.

Delighted to say that I slept in this morning. More tools are moved to the garage where they belong but otherwise not being very energetic. I will make another trip to Home Depot today. So nice to have an unscheduled Saturday!

--the BB

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Ellie Finlay said...

Oh, I love your petunias!