Saturday, July 03, 2010

Weekend exercise

Overall this has been a very lazy day. Still, I have had some exercise. Last night I bought a dozen retaining wall blocks, loaded them from the rack at Home Depot onto the cart, from the cart to the car, from the car to the back yard.

This morning I dug around the Red Haven peach tree and arranged the blocks to form an arc on the downhill side (see the post below).

This evening after it cooled down I drove to Home Depot and this time I picked up eighteen blocks, loaded them from the rack onto the cart, from the cart into my car, from my car to the back yard. The sun had set and I started digging. Eleven of them are now in place and the other seven can wait for tomorrow.

Aside from the two times today I have worked up a sweat I can also feel this in most of my upper joints. At least this time the knees escaped.

Tomorrow promises to be very busy. Two Masses, one bilingual sermon, and seeing friends.

Be careful with your fireworks, my fellow estadounidenses.

--the BB

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it's margaret said...

After two services in English and one in Spanish, I'm headed to the baseball game with Juan Manuel --fireworks as part of the game! I am putting off finishing painting the porch until tomorrow!

Many blessings to you dearest Paul.