Friday, January 07, 2011

Heart thread - 01/07/2011

My friend Ryan's grandfather has died and tonight was the wake. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. May those who love him find comfort. May Ryan be sustained and return safely to school.

In very good news, my dear friend Kathy has a new job and begins work on Monday. This was, blessedly, a very short time unemployed. May she shine in the new position and find satisfaction in it.

The other Cathy is still battling that nasty flu and needs to be working. May her health return swiftly, her vigor increase, and her employment suffice.

Let us also remember to uphold MP in prayer and, where possible, in financial support of his ministry.

Another overlong update on me, me, me:

I did not sleep well (or enough) last night so today had a very rough start. I think my nose is at the healing stage where it is just tender. Sort of that easily irritable phase, like a wound when it itches and you know that's a good sign but it's driving you nuts and you cannot scratch it. For my nose's sake it would be lovely if my facial muscles would go all botox for a few days and not move. Smiling, laughing, yawning, whatever makes nose muscles move and that is unpleasant. Washing my face is a challenge. (Just try it without moving a nose muscle.) I began the day in a foul, miserable mood. [I never promised to be a patient, happy convalescent.]

Still, each day I breathe a bit more easily. Dennis came by to visit which was very nice. Tomorrow I am going to venture forth and take a walk to the pharmacy and back. It is a mile each way, so should not be difficult. This will be nice exercise and that walk has nice views across the Rio Grande Valley since I am on the high part of the west side and there are fields not yet turned into housing tracts. Bill will bring nice leftovers from the meal he is cooking tonight, so I will have something lovely and different to eat.

The long rest period is making more sense on an experiential level now. Serious stuff was done to straighten out my septum and it needs to heal properly. It is incredibly easy to do something to one's nose that will undermine that. My face is vulnerable and sore. One thoughtless moment could undo a lot. And my body needs more rest than usual (and has actually gotten much less in the first few days). So: patience, Mr. Bear. Chill and let it happen. Be gentle to yourself. Your breathing-improved nose needs time to stabilize.

There. Pep talk given and received. So now to bed.

Sweet dreams, poppets!
--the BB


TheCunningRunt said...

Good to hear you're mending. Try to avoid bar fights for the next week or so.

I know, I'm no fun, eh?


Paul said...

You are lots of fun, Ralph. And you probably guessed I never go into bars. So pretty safe advice but good advice.

Cathy said...

Paul, many thanks for so kindly asking for prayers on my behalf - I should in fact have popped over and said "thank you" earlier, but have not been completely compis mentis about these things with the flu and all. It is very sweet of you. :-)

Paul said...

We hold each other up. Hope you are feeling better.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!